FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: unique phone cases website emerges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: unique phone cases website emerges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 2018: Company Tone enters cell phone case market; will preside with unique phone cases and awesome gadgets for sale at our online shop for the perfect mood.


Tone, a company that utilizes Shopify e-commece and drop shipping, will be entering the cell phone case market in the USA but providing a different angle for customer interaction and value.  Tone will be providing cool, unique, classy, durable and awesome phone cases and gadgets to customers.

Tone prioritizes the consumer before the company and in doing so finds the best cellphone cases and gadgets through comprehensive consumer reviews and insights.  The company thoroughly reviews manufactures and suppliers to help the customer know they are getting the best bank for their dollar.  If customers at any time feel unsatisfied with the quality, they can simply contact Tone.  Furthermore, a customer can simply add an item to a wish list by simply clicking on a red heart icon on the lower left of the website.  This technology will simply save and will be remembered for next time.

Tone, designed it online website to help customers search for the best cell phone cases, by means of recommending cases that fit a particular mood or occasion.  Moods listed range from Let’s Play, to All Business to You Show Off.  The customer will not have to feel the heavy work of finding their favorite case through the search engine as in other website stores.  In addition, Tone provides customer reviews and feedback and helps these customers know they are getting value in their purchasing power.  We pride ourselves in knowing that customers can get classy phone cases at affordable prices.

All products will be drop shipped to the customer’s location and address provided with a benefit of free shipping.  This is to guarantee customer satisfaction and as to compete other key businesses such as Amazon prime.

Customers will not have to worry about being compromised when buying cell phone cases or gadgets, as Tone provides secure and convenient checkout payment process via PayPal services and Amazon Pay.

For more info on Tone go its website of  Please don’t hesitate to contact Tone, as Tone will gladly help.  Please contact a Tone representative at or through Facebook’s messenger on its Facebook page.  In addition, one can reach Tone via many other platforms.  Tone’s Instagram is tonethisphone and has a Pinterest account under Tone.