Top Emerging Trends For Phone and Phone Cases - A Review

Top Emerging Trends For Phone and Phone Cases - A Review

Top Emerging Trends In Phone and Phone Cases - A Review 

Be prepared for some informal business chatting.

So, do you want a telephone? Nah, I did not think so.  You could and would not carry that big bulky box around you and the ergonomic feel terrible.  Although those classy two-piece phones are a different story.  The kind in the video that Taylor Swift said: “Sorry, the old Taylor cannot come to the phone, why? Oh. Because she is DEAD!”  Please bring them back. 

Next you have people buying the Sonly Xperia E4 for Android and cases for it.  These keywords have skyrocketed to a 1250% breakout.  For those of you don’t have this one phone, it is known as a large, bulky, but easy to use interface with affordability all under $100 USD

Next, we have the stunning ZTE blade phone and their cases.  You get a long-lasting battery with quick charging.  You get a big screen in Full High Definition You get a bunch of memory to store you precious photos, videos, music, and more.  But if that is not enough you can expand the memory to 128GB with a card.  Well worth the buy.

Nah, so you want an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy as those are the two best emerging devices.  Although Huawei is coming in second in China, but we are not in China.

So, grab your mobile phone whether it be an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy J3, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, or... okay we get the point… and buckle down to a trendy and durable phone case.

Here are some of the latest trends, as reported by your friend and doctor Google: 

The Kendall and Kylie phone collection.  The collection features fine lattice work like lingerie, some with oozing kiss marks, some with animal prints, one with a hot cherry swinging cherry, one like that trending kids glitter pillow that moves when touched and one with a photo of her face on.  Yes, most of them are pretty hot. 

In term of rising phone case designs the Supreme and Wildflower aesthetic are becoming king and queen of the land of phone cases.  For some back history, Supreme started off as a skateboarding brand catering to obviously skateboarding but also to youth, hip hop, and rock cultures.  Founded in 1994 the brand has risen in recent times to be held in a Louis Vuitton fashion collection and to be shot with famous celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Kermit the fog, Lady Gaga, and Gucci Mane.  We will be releasing one to Tone collection very soon.  No, we are not talking about Wildflower, the brand of phone cases that is on google, although they do have some cool products.  We are talking about romantic wildflower designs that will take you out of your technology mood.  In terms of wildflower, some people are digging, Miley Cyrus and Wildflowers, California Wildflowers, Texas Wildflowers.  Although Miley Cyrus and Wildflowers has to do more with a Tom Petty song, she was spotted holding up a wildflower phone case!  The one she has, looks pretty hot by the way -- bling with wildflowers essentially.

Please, Please if you would like any of these products at Tone (, write us a comment.